is a product promotion platform for online footwear brands, retailers and customers.

Unlike other online advertising and promotional methods, CELA features cross platform(ios and Android) augmented reality (AR) and 3D visualization technologies directly through ones browser, enabling customers personalized experiences with brands and wanting to build relationships instead of simply buying the products.

The future shopping experiences are moving towards on-demand, frictionless experience, when customers actively engage with products instead of being passively fed by overwhelming images and videos.

CELA MALL helps footwear brands and retailers nurture a healthy and transparent customer relationship where customers enjoy a premium online shopping experience with a wide variety of footwear brands. Through this platform, retailers gain leads, tractions and extra boost on conversion and sales.


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CELA MALL is the place that you can freely browse and fully engage with products.

We believe the AR and 3D visualization is the best media for customers to receive the design message which is delivered by brands and designers. Different products feature such as an eco-friendly material, a stylish color, a foot protective design or a wild cartoon pattern can be promoted and presented through our viewer naturally.

Instead of watching static photos or videos from the angles which were arranged or stages, you have the full freedom to manipulate and explore the product in CELA MALL.

What to do on CELA MALL

Browsing on CELA MALL and activate AR and 3D view

Search the products or see them by category.

Clicking info icon takes you to the product info page and knows more about this product.

Click the shopping cart button to buy this product from an online retailer.

Click the thumbnail of the product to activate the AR and 3D view.

CELA helps footwear retailers reach a wider range of audiences and attract engaging and relevant traffic to your websites, blogs, and social media.

Customers immersed with AR/3D technologies are more likely to build relationships with products and be loyal to your brand.

Most importantly, our transformative technologies increase awareness, leads, conversion and retention rate for online stores.



We have your product listed

1. Search and find the product you want to promote

2. Claim this product and its HTML code will be generated in your account dashboard.

(what is HTML code and how to use it?)

Short for HyperText Markup Language, the authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. HTML code can simply be copied and pasted onto retailers' backend code.

3. Remember to leave the link of your online store in your dashboard so that we can redirect traffic to your store

During CELA promotion time, each retailer account can claim a maximum of 5 products.


We don't have your product listed

1. If the product is not in our listing, you can send us a request form, indicating the product you want to list on CELA MALL

2. After submitting, you will receive an Email regarding the estimated processing time for getting your product listed.

3. Once the product is ready, you will be notified by email and the product HTML code will be automatically generated in your account dashboard.

A linkage is made to connect the listed product to your online store as well.

During CELA promotion time, each retailer account can submit a maximum of 1 request form.